Like a gallery map, this portfolio gives a brief overview of the different kinds of work I make in clay, handmade paper and driftwood, as well as artist’s books and sculpture, with links to the relevant pages for images and examples.

Liz Mathews with Thames to Dunkirk in the British Library's Writing Britain exhibition 2012

Artist’s books and bookworks

Books in clay and handmade paper

from the small to the very large


Prism (detail) - paperwork by Liz Mathews, text by Winifred Nicholson


Text-based artworks

on handmade paper


Thames song (banner by Liz Mathews - detail)Banners

Wall-hanging artworks

in clay, driftwood

and other found materials


Waterfall (text by Valentine Ackland)Waterfalls

Flowing cataracts

of poetry

in clay


Love flows (detail) text by Frances BinghamWater Vessels

Big bowls


in white stoneware


Heart feast potsinner space

Contemporary pottery

thrown in white stoneware

filled with colour


Earthshine rough magic potsRough magic

Songs without words-

pots unglazed outside

with brushwork colour


Nightsilver CandleholderTreasure in Earth

Thrown pots,

often textured

with 9 carat gold lustres


Meadow potsMeadow pots

Pots for use and pleasure

with herbs, fruit and flowers

and of course poetry


Queen Anne house portrait (detail)Architectural reliefs & house portraits

Small-scale architectural studies

meticulously hand-built

in low relief sculpture,

in terracotta or stoneware


Invocation in 72 Fragments - detail (text by Sappho)Invocations

Large-scale artworks

made with reclaimed


and clay panels


Past Present by Maureen Duffy

The Pottery Press

Our micro-press for

publishing small editions

of word/image fusions,

and artist’s books


All images copyright Liz Mathews

Permission needed for any use of any image.

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