Treasure in Earth

We have this treasure in earthen vessels.

Words of clay

This text is cut in white stoneware, glazed and edged with gold lustre.

Torc pots (detail)

I made these pots in response to the Snettisham hoard (now in the British Museum) after seeing photos of the gold torcs piled up in a cylindrical pit in the earth.  The Staffordshire hoard, the latest to be discovered, is currently on show in the British Museum, very evocatively still caked with earth.

Chalice, paten and candleholder

Chalice, paten, candleholders in white stoneware with gold lustre. Made for a new church a few years ago.

Nightsilver Candleholder

This large candleholder has a ploughed textured rim where white-gold lustre shines in the candlelight.

Signed one-off; 26cm across; for sale £100

A group of treasure and inner space pots; the ploughed bowls and candleholders come in all shapes and sizes.  At the moment I’ve got nightlights and small candleholders (£20) and small bowls with ploughed rims (£30) available. For the gold spheres, please see the inner space page.

Stele is a memorial to the victims of war. The text is by Valentine Ackland, scratched and incised into an unglazed torn and cracked slab of clay, which is mounted on a reclaimed yachtboard frame. Painted with raw clay slip, charcoal, soot, rust and chalk.

Signed one-off. Panel 38cm wide x 42cm high on base frame 1.2m high x 52cm wide. For sale £750.

I make memorials to commission. They are usually in the form of an inscribed frostproof stoneware panel made by me and set into a sandstone headstone by a mason, but they can be pots or jars. Please contact me for details.

Work available for purchase changes regularly; please leave me a note in the comments box below or click on contact details for information about what’s for sale now.

All photographs copyright Liz Mathews.

Permission is needed for any use of images.

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