Handbuilt waved and textured wall panels that push the clay to its limits.

Waterfall (text by Valentine Ackland)

Waterfall is made from long clay panels in overlapping waves, with a beautiful watery text by Valentine Ackland set so that the letters flow down the waterfall like leaves caught in the current.

This one’s the 8 panel version, so you can see the copper pipes and cup-hooks fixings. These waterfalls are (obviously) waterproof and frostproof, so they work well in the bathroom or wetroom, or outside in the garden. They usually work out at around £150 – £200 a panel, depending on size and text, and can be designed to fit your space. At the moment I’ve got three available, a small one with two panels, medium with 7 panels, or the one shown below with 13 panels. The price includes the copper pipes and cup-hook fixings, and a layout map so that the text flows in its proper sequence when installed.

Pattern of water (text by Valentine Ackland)

Signed one-offs. Each panel size is approx 37cm long by 17cm wide. They’re adaptable to install, so long as you keep the text in the right order; the 8 panel version installed measures about 1m wide by 1.6 high.


This is the Living Water waterfall, with a lyrical text by Vita Sackville-West, set in stoney blues and greys on the cream stoneware clay. It’s hung with marine-grade hemp rope (sash-cord) and brass cuphooks, and it can also be hung in a stepped diagonal. Again, it is waterproof and frostproof so can be hung out of doors or in the wetroom. Each waterfall is a signed one-off original.

Earth & Water

This panel is made in unglazed stoneware, showing the clay’s glowing earthy/stoney colour and texture. The text lettered in underglaze oxides opens up the space made within the folds of clay.


Here I’m decorating Estuary, a large panel made, dried and decorated directly on the kiln shelf.

In the finished work, the text (by Ruth Pitter) pours down the narrowing channel of the estuary between the dunes into the river. It ends:

The brave ship coming home like a lamb to the fold / Home with the tide into the mighty river.

Signed one-off.


Porthole is a porthole-shaped panel made from a long slab of clay, textured, manipulated and curved into shape by hand, decorated with deep blue underglaze, glazed with a clear feldspar glaze and finished with a spatter of stars and sparkling phosphorescence on the textured band.

It hangs from a hemp marine rope.

Signed one-off. Stoneware with white-gold lustre. 40cm high x 35cm across at widest. For sale £250. Now sold.

A little further

This large panel sets a beautiful optimistic text by the Greek poet George Seferis across the waving ripples of the clay panel, in golden/sandy ochres and intense sea blues.

Again, it’s completely waterproof and frostproof, so ideal for bathroom, garden or balcony.

One-off, signed. 44cm wide x 49cm high max. Now sold.

Work available for purchase changes regularly, so please email me for information about similar work for sale now; click on contact details.

All photos copyright Liz Mathews.

Please don’t use images without permission.

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