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Shining Sky

July 2, 2010

Following the resounding and somewhat unnerving success of my spell for a heatwave last week (see The Lovely blue below) I’ve decided not to tinker with the actual weather this week but just to hope it keeps going, while I turn my attention to the night sky. This folding book is another elephant, made from one sheet of paper, painted, then torn and folded.

The pleasure of turning the book to follow the sequence of pages is somehow increased by the feeling of it being a single sheet, with the text flowing towards the core of the spiral, a form quite closely related to that of my thrown pots.

I love this wonderful text; I have also set it on a pot (‘of earth indeed’) – a large bowl, with the text falling into its dark blue interior. Meteor can be seen on the Water Vessels page (link above left). I don’t often repeat inscriptions – but here I felt that both forms were so strongly suggested to me by the text that I had to do both.

More summer pots next week.

If you’re interested in buying this work (or any shown on this blog), please leave me a note in the comments box below or click on contact details.

The lovely blue

June 25, 2010

Considering what a drastic effect my One Elephant book Shelley’s Cloud had on the weather the weekend I made it in March, and the equally inevitable result of the reckless Bank Holiday Clouds, I felt it my duty as a good citizen to make The Lovely Blue – hence this unprecedented sunshine for Glastonbury. If you’re going to make a spell for a heatwave, you might as well make it a good long one, so it’s double-sided, and 12 pages instead of the usual 6; I’ll show it page by page as usual.

In unending beauty the blue sky spans the earth.

It is as if this blue were fathomless,

as if its very depth were palpable.

The variety of its tints is infinite;

it changes from day to day, from one part of the sky to another.

What can be the cause of this wonderful blue?

What are these particles of matter that scatter light in the atmosphere?

In the summer after long drought the air is filled with dust and the sky seems less blue and more whitish.

But after a few heavy showers, the air becomes clear and transparent, the sky a deep and saturated blue.

Whenever high cirrus clouds appear filling the air with ice crystals the lovely blue disappears and changes into a much whiter colour.

Therefore it can be neither the dust not the particles of water and ice that cause the scattering that colours the heavenly vault.

The only possibility is that the molecules of air themselves scatter the light, causing a brightness many miles deep with a decided preference for the violet and blue rays.

Text by M. Minnaert, from Light and Colour in the Open Air

The sheet of paper before tearing and folding looked like this:

And like this when folded:

Let’s hope it lasts; the only bit that worries me is page 9.

Constable’s clouds

April 26, 2010

My new series of One Elephant books has grown into rather a large herd already, including some Small Elephants, which I’ll be adding to the Bookworks page soon. At the moment I’m working on Volcano Cloud (of course), but here I’ll show you one I made last week’s: Constable’s clouds

The full sheet looked like this before lettering and tearing:

And like this after lettering the text, tearing, folding and unfolding:

I was reminded of Constable’s uplifting words when the sky was so beautifully empty of planes last week, but then, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky, either.

One-off, signed artist’s book. For sale in my next exhibition.