Rough magic

‘Songs without words’

On this Phosphorescence rough magic bowl, swirls of brushwork colour reveal the form of the pot to the eye, and the glazed inside makes a happy contrast with the texture of the unglazed outside. A roughly brushed band of white-gold lustre highlights the rim.

Signed one-off.  12cm high x 12cm across rim. For sale £60

These Earthshine rough magic pots are in earthy browns and ochres with white-gold lustre. Shapes and sizes range from small flat nightlights and candleholders (9cm across, £20) to tall jar (19cm high x 10cm across, £80) with small bowl (8cm high x 8cm across, £30) and large bowl (15cm high x 15cm across, £80). These pots are all individually handmade and signed.

These three Nightsilver rough magic pots are a similar shape (tall tulip) to the Phosphorescence bowl above, in 3 sizes: 12cm high, 16cm high and 21cm high. They have swirls of dark lavender blues inside and on the top third of the outside, with a band of white-gold roughly brushed round the top. Signed one-offs; for sale: £45, £60, £120 each or £200 for the trio. Now sold, others similar available from £50.

This group of Lulworth rough magic pots shows some of the shapes and sizes available at the moment, from £15 for the small dishes, jugs and nightlights to £60 for larger bowls and dinner plates.

Work available for purchase changes regularly – please leave me a note in the comments box below or click on contact details for information about what’s for sale at the moment.

All photos copyright Liz Mathews.

Permission is needed for any use of these images.

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