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These golden days

November 29, 2011

John Clare’s poems for the Autumn months in his Shepherds Calendar are among the most beautiful of the year, as well as the most entertaining – his accounts of nutting and other active pleasures balance the customary melancholy of the season, and this year particularly the Autumn weather has been so ravishing that it’s been hard to feel gloomy. And now that we’re on the very edge of winter, with the first frosts and foggy mornings, our thoughts turn to the snowy delights to come.

This year I’ve been thinking even more than usual about the passing of time, the turn of the year and the dance of the seasons. In August I delivered some artist’s books to the National Library of Scotland, and had the great pleasure of unfolding the four great ‘carpet books’ that make up Love & Freedom: Burns’ Year for the curators to experience.

The four books are each made from a huge sheet of handmade paper (Khadi’s great white – at 2m x 80cm among the largest handmade paper sheets in the world), painted, lettered, torn and folded into a sequence of pages to form a book, but possible to unfold and reform to the single huge sheet.

One of my aims for these books is that they should work both in terms of a single image composition on the whole sheet, as well as through the sequence of individual pages:

I’ll be featuring these books in detail throughout the year in 2012, season by season.

Meanwhile we’ve been preparing for our winter exhibition, which this year is in the gallery at the award-winning Woolfson & Tay bookshop in Bermondsey Square in London, close to the south foot of Tower Bridge. River songs in winter is a collection of my new work in clay, handmade paper and driftwood from the Thames, including artist’s books, wall-hung banners in clay and driftwood, and some lovely pots. For more details, have a look at the page about the exhibition on Woolfson & Tay’s website, and I’ll be writing about it here in December. It’s a selling show (so you can buy off the wall to take away), and it’s on from 29th November right through December until 8th January 2012, changing throughout the month.

Autumn trees

November 19, 2010

I’ve been enjoying sweeping the leaves in the yard, gathering them in a golden heap for the recycling collection, then sifting through them and choosing ‘good’ ones to press – trouble is, they’re all good, the more ragged and marked the better.

I very much enjoy seasonal work, responding to the movement of the year and the changing light. I’m starting work on a series of artist’s books – or perhaps illuminated manuscripts – called Books of Hours, reflecting the turning year and the cycle of the seasons; I’ll be talking more about the work in this series at the turn of the year. Meanwhile, I’ve just made another One Elephant book called Circle of light:

The book is made from a single sheet of handmade paper, torn and folded into a spiral to make the continuous sequence of pages. Here, the paper I’ve chosen is a very pale gold cotton-rag paper, rather soft, which gives a glowing ground for the painted spiral of light and the luminous text by Jeni Couzyn:

I’ll show you the book page by page:

The method of tearing and folding is shown in some pictures on the Bookworks page; Circle of light torn and folded, looks like this:

For more information about Circle of light or any of my work, please leave me a note in the comment box below, or click on contact details for other ways to get in touch.