A kingfisher and a little elephant

September 7, 2010

Several of the artist’s books I’ve made recently have been ‘little elephants’, so called because they’re made from one sheet of handmade paper, torn and folded, but instead of an ‘elephant’ size sheet (A2) they’re made from a half-elephant size (A3). The resulting book is about 10cm square, instead of 20cm, and this scale lends itself to quirky short texts, like Kingfisher (text by Phoebe Hesketh):

This is how the page looks opened out, showing the torn and folded structure. The vivid text by Phoebe Hesketh evokes the flash of the kingfisher swiftly but lastingly; I have set the text with the aim of giving a concentrated, focused reading without a directly illustrative representation, within an abstract design following the colours, shapes and movement in the text. The painting is in watercolour, acrylic and ink, and the text is lettered with a driftwood pen.

For more information about my artist’s books, please have a look at the Bookworks page. If you’d like to know more about this or any work, click here for contact details and information.

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