August 13, 2010

This summer I’ve been making a collection of new work called Riverlight – mostly paperworks, and some artist’s books. One of the books, Stream, sets a text by William Blake.

This luminous, serene text expresses the feeling of the Riverlight works, full of watery light and river colours. Some of them are paper constructions, layers of handmade paper painted in watercolour, like Riverlight:

Some are watercolours with text painted on handmade paper, like Waters all fused silver (text by Coleridge):

And some have scraps of paper with water-marks floating on a painted canvas river, like river-water-light:

or A summer night / on the river:

All these works are for sale, with prices from £50 for a small square one (20cm x 20cm) like watermark 1:

to £150 for the larger (80cm x 30cm) ones like water-colour-river-light

and £150 for a watercolour (42cm x 30cm) framed in beech (available unframed for £100), like A vessel burning blue lights:

– and £240 for the artist’s book, Stream. All the works are signed one-offs.

For prices and more Riverlight works please go to the Paperworks page, and if you want to know more, leave me a note in the comments box below, or click on contact details.

Next week, another spell for a heatwave, in a last effort to retrieve the summer. After all, it’s supposed to be August

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