Bank Holiday Weekend Clouds

May 30, 2010

Taking a brief break from Dunkirk, we watched Oh what a lovely war and as usual I got Maggie Smith’s song on the brain. So I made this little elephant, which was certainly an accurate depiction of last bank holiday, but I hope won’t affect this one too badly.

The half-elephant sheet before it was torn and folded looked like this:

And once torn and folded like this:

(It’s blowing a gale now…)

3 Responses to “Bank Holiday Weekend Clouds”

  1. […] on the weather the weekend I made it in March, and the equally inevitable result of the reckless Bank Holiday Clouds, I felt it my duty as a good citizen to make The Lovely Blue – hence this unprecedented […]

  2. […] more One Elephant books in Bookworks, and in previous Work in focus posts (Shelley’s Cloud,  Bank Holiday weekend clouds) – and there will be more to come soon. For information on any work, leave me a note in the […]

  3. […] what happened last bank holiday weekend (see a rather reckless post) I won’t discuss the weather this time. Instead, some more seasonal […]

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