Daughters of Earth

Work by Liz Mathews, lettering artist and studio potter.

In this online gallery, the Portfolio page gives a brief introduction to the different kinds of work I make, which the separate updated pages show more fully, while the artist’s statement talks about the ideas and processes behind the work.

Work in focus posts listed here show individual works in detail, and Gallery talks discuss special events, exhibitions and collections – or the theme cloud leads to articles on particular subjects.


Photo by Jessica Atkinson

Paper wings and the material word

(Gallery talks, autumn 2014)

Artist’s book and film

on show at the sixth

Poetry Library Open Day


Paper Wings Song 42 (text by Maureen Duffy) artist's book and installation by Liz Mathews

Fly away on paper wings

(Gallery talks, summer 2014)

A new artist’s book installation

at Enitharmon Press


On this high hill (artist's book by Liz Mathews, text by Dylan Thomas), unfolded

Entrances – Dylan Thomas

(Work in focus, spring 2014)

A tribute to Dylan Thomas on

his 100th anniversary


Handel's trees (detail), artist's book by Liz Mathews, text by Frances Bingham

In the shade of the plane trees

(Work in focus, summer 2013)

A celebration of summer for

my Singing the Year collection


Liz Mathews with Thames to Dunkirk in the British Library's Writing Britain exhibition 2012

Writing Britain

(Gallery talks, May 2012)

Reviews and responses to

exhibition at the British Library


Writing Britain at the British Library

(Work in focus, March 2012)

My artist’s book Thames to Dunkirk

on exhibition at the British Library


light wells

(Work in focus, March 2012)

My summer exhibition at the LCP

in North London


In the cauld blast

(Work in focus, January 2012)

Winter Wild, from

Love & Freedom: Burns’ Year


River songs in winter

(Work in focus, December 2011)

New work in clay, handmade paper

and driftwood from the Thames


These Golden Days

(Work in focus, Autumn 2011)

Autumn journeys and

a winter exhibition


These Golden Days

(Work in focus, Autumn 2011)

Autumn journeys and

a winter exhibition


These Golden Days

(Work in focus, Autumn 2011)

Autumn journeys and

a winter exhibition



(Work in focus, August 2011)

Taking books to Edinburgh

and other festivals


Swallows on the Thames

(Work in focus, July 2011)

Summer evenings by the river


To the sea

(Gallery talks, June 2011)

A tour round my exhibition



Watermark at the Ice House

(Work in focus, May 2011)

Mingling in the warmth of May

in Holland Park


Waiting for the swallows

(Work in focus, April 2011)

Blossomy lengthening days,

and a cottage in a garden


Stories and marks

(Work in focus, March 2011)

A tale of spring, a new book

and an exhibition of new work


Bees in Winter

(Work in focus, February 2011)

Spells for the bees and

the feast of St Valentine


The turning year

(Work in focus, January 2011)

Pots for midwinter and

Books of Hours


Glad Christmass

(Work in focus, 22nd December)

Seasonal pots and wishes


The downs in snow

(Work in focus, 17th December)

(and the city too)


A vision of a better future

(Digressions, 11th December)

Driftwood with text by

Vita Sackville-West,

and a soapbox


Winter is come

(Work in focus, 2nd December)

A snow storm by

John Clare

In another land



(Work in focus, 26th November)

Wordsworth and Patrick Moore

evoking the Northern Lights


Autumn trees

(Work in focus, 19th November)

Sweeping the leaves and catching

light in the orchard


A Topography

(Gallery talks, 10th November)

Thames to Dunkirk goes to

The British Library



Light fantastick

(Work in Focus, 28th October)

Dancing to the music

of the spheres


Parlours of heaven

(Work in Focus, 8th October)

Apples, blackberries

and leaves of grass


One fresh spring abiding

(Work in Focus, 1st October)

A fountain on the heath,

and a sea breeze


Hail, sweet Autumn

(Work in Focus, 23rd September)

Flowers and fruit for the

Autumn equinox


Containers of something else

(Work in Focus, 14th September)

Throwing on the wheel and

pots for special times


A kingfisher and a little elephant

(Work in Focus, 7th September)

An artist’s book on

a different scale



Harvest home

(Work in Focus, 27th August)

Pots to celebrate the last pleasures

of summer

Store of happiness

(Work in Focus, 19th August)

A one-elephant book

celebrating seasonal




(Work in Focus, 13th August)

A new group of paperworks

including an artist’s book called



Light music

(Work in Focus, 6th August)

Inspiring colour poems from

the films of Margaret Tait



Long summer lavender

(Work in Focus, 30th July 2010)

Summer pots and singing to the bees




River names

(Work in Focus, 23rd July)

A one-elephant artist’s book with a rivery text from Geoffrey Grigson’s Shell Country Alphabet



The mysteries remain

(Gallery talks, 16th July )

About creativity, making art, and secrets


A Midsummer Cushion

(Work in Focus, 8th July)

Making plates and celebrating John Clare’s poetry




Shining sky

(Work in Focus, 2nd July)

A one-elephant artist’s book with a meteoric text by Giovanni Pascoli translated by EJ Scovell


The lovely blue

(Work in Focus, 25th June)

A spell for a heatwave with text by M. Minnaert



Questioning Dunkirk

(Gallery Talks, 25th June)

Talking about our perspective on the past, making art collectively, and the next stage of  The Dunkirk Project


Now summer is in flower

(Work in Focus, 17th June)

Strawberry bowls, wine jugs and flowers everywhere




Beyond Dunkirk

(Work in Focus, 9th June)

An update on the progress of my interactive online installation, The Dunkirk Project




Bank Holiday Weekend Clouds

(Work in Focus, 30th May)

A little elephant book with a reckless prediction for the weekend, which perhaps I will regret making



Towards Dunkirk

(Work in Focus, on 24th May)

About the making of Thames to Dunkirk and The Dunkirk Project


The Dunkirk Project

(Work in Focus on 15th May)

Introducing my online interactive installation, live online from 27th May to 4th June 2010, the 70th anniversary of the Evacuation of Dunkirk in 1940



Clay pages and balancing gravity

(Gallery Talks on 7th May)

About making banners and building layered works from small parts


Green be your woods

(Work in Focus on 7th May)

Bluebells and seasonal pots




Constable’s clouds

(Work in Focus, 26th April)

A one elephant artist’s book

with text and cloud formation

by John Constable


Like flowers in the sky

(Gallery talks, 12th April)

The sky a bowl of stars


As you I am

(Gallery talks on 30th March)

Past and future meet in

poetry of witness from

Kathleen Raine


Shelley’s cloud

(Work in Focus on 30th March)

One of the first of my new

One Elephant artist’s books, torn

from a single sheet of handmade paper


Jolly Spring doth enter

(Work in Focus, 19th March)

Seasonal pots


Hope of Poetry

(Gallery talks on 8th March)

About the art of lettering on clay

- why, where and how



(Work in Focus on 2nd March 2010)

Throwing pots, the hidden sphere,

and the magic of the kiln



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